AMERICAN kinetix is proud to announce that we exclusively use and offer Black Hills Ammunition.

Currently all branches of the US Military purchase match 5.56mm ammunition from Black Hills because it gets the job done.

** All AX firearms courses offer the option to bundle Black Hills Ammunition into your course fee **

Your ammo will then be drop shipped to the course location, saving you time and the cost and hassle of packing ammunition with you.

Firearms manufacturers use Black Hills Ammunition for testing during development because of their reputation for excellence. Black Hills currently sells to Armalite, Beretta, Browning, Cimarron, Colt, DPMS, Dakota Arms, Detonics, FN, Freedom Arms, GA Precision, H&R 1871, Heckler and Koch, Iron Brigade Armory, Kimber, Landtee, Lewis Machine, Marlin, McMillan Brothers, Mossberg, Patriot Arms, Robar, Rock River Arms, Savage Arms, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Sturm Ruger, Texas Brigade Armory and Wilson Combat.

AX instructors and teams deployed downrange now exclusively use Black Hills Ammunition.

We will also offer Black Hills Ammunition with any course we teach.
Students have the option to bundle their ammo into the course fee and have it drop shipped to the course location.

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