Course: Hostile / Unknown Environment Survival Tactics (HEST-3)
Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $550 p/person
Description: Our Hostile / Unknown Environment Survival Tactics (HEST) Course is a world-renowned, three-day course designed specifically for professionals and executives whose work takes them to a challenging or sometimes hostile environment. HEST teaches how to reduce risks, increase effectiveness and maximize control of situations. The skills and knowledge taught are in four categories - Travel Security Awareness, Medical Preparedness, Managing Confrontations, and Security Planning & Contingencies. The training is delivered in a blend of lectures and practical scenarios, supported by video footage, and demonstration of weapons and situations likely to be encountered. The comprehensive and interactive program, culminated in a series of realistic training exercises where the lessons are put into practice. Our clients include energy, media, aerospace, engineering, NGOs, NEST, accountancy and mining companies. Additional subjects such as surveillance detection, emergency driving and defensive tactics are available upon request.

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