Ukraine intel sharing w/UK intel info on new Russian tactics

A delegation of Ukrainian military officials, with considerable experience in studying Russia’s war tactics in Donbass and Crimea, secretly visited the United Kingdom in July for consultations. The visit was part of a series of meetings between Ukrainian and British officials. Read More...

How ISIL tested European security and intel services


The case of Muhammad Dalil serve as an object lesson, from which Europe’s counter-terrorism agencies could learn from this and other past experiences of this kind what not to do and the high importance of tightening operational intelligence and discipline in their ranks.

ISIL attacks catch Germany off guard


Germany stands out as refusing to admit to a reign of terror, partly because of the fallout generated for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for masses of distressed refugees.

But the damage is not just political. German authorities recently admitted that while accepting a million refugees, 130,000 failed to register at the special reception centers and have dropped out of sight.

Iran - Nuclear by end of 2017


If Tehran decides to violate the accord Iran retains the capability to achieve this goal in months — not years. Read More...

Russia warned Turks of coup

Russian military intelligence in the northern Syrian province of Latakia, a few miles south of the Turkish border intercepted a series of encoded radio messages exchanged between Turkish commanders in the early hours of July 15 and pass this information to Turkish intelligence. Read More...

Russian SVR HQ (old KGB) doubles in size


These additions appear to have increased the SVR headquarters’ floor space by a factor of two or more. Moreover, the nearby parking capacity at the complex appears to have quadrupled. There is no information available about what may have prompted the sudden building expansion at the SVR complex, nor whether it reflects drastic changes in the organizational structure, budget or mission of the agency.

Donald Trump Outlines America 1st Policy

With an impressive group of foreign policy advisors led by Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and including Dr. Walid Phares and former Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, Mr. Trump called for a strengthened military and economy in order to lead the country into “an American-first” policy, while indicting President Obama for weakening the nation’s image around the world. Read More...

Spotting Concealed Weapons

Whether you work in law enforcement, security or just want to be aware of those around you who might be armed, these basic indicators can help you spot those armed and provide tips on better ways to carry your own weapon. The way the person moves, adjusts themselves, walks, sits, reaches, or even stands can all inadvertently draw attention to the fact they - or you - are carrying.

Elicitation techniques - using the funnel.


Eliciting information from an
yone who is uncooperative is a difficult task and you have to prepare for it. Just making up a list of questions does not constitute an interview. Much like peeking an onion, interrogators should engage in a systematic uncovering of information by gradually narrowing the focus with questions that elicit more specify responses. This article will look at the funnel approach to elicitation using closed and open-ended questions.

LandNav - Why know your pace?

While pace counting is admittedly an arcane distance determination technique that is seldom used by trail-bound hikers, it is an essential technique used by advanced-level land navigators who travel cross-country through challenging wilderness. In certain situations, a map and compass alone just aren't enough. Read More...

That killer waistline!

No, this isn’t about working out or losing weight - although if that’s a problem for you, then you should consider a fitness program. This is about surviving a gunfight. Read More...

Muslim Brotherhood and Hitler?

The media says that terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood are really just poor folks oppressed, trying to gain freedom while the area’s real religious minority—the Jews—are painted as the bad guys, the oppressors. But did you know the MB founder was a Hitler fan? Read More...

Shoot 'em in the face...'til they stop.

Combatives-23 - Version 2
You shoot someone to stop him or her from doing something harmful toward you, your teammate or an innocent bystander. What’s your goal? To stop their actions as quickly as possible. Shooting someone in the torso—even a heart shot—simply means that you’re bleeding him to death. So what are your options? Read More...

Iran helping Syria?

syria iran
A relationship between Shiite-led Iran and predominantly Sunni Syria might appear unlikely, but its real - these two (apparently) opposing sects are working together. Read More...

Instructor development - debunking the myths

2014-03-14 01.56.40
What is a failure drill? Something designed to makeup for a failed tactic or technique. Why do we do this? What’s the situation? What’s the distance? Let’s debunk some common shooting myths. Read More...

Shiite vs Sunni? Who's the bad guy?

sunni shia
Let no one misunderstand - the war we currently fight is against radical, militant islam. Our government won’t admit that at the executive level, but that doesn’t change the facts on the ground. Read More...

Iran, nuclear weapons and the middle east. What's going on?

Iran’s overarching strategic goals of enhancing its security, prestige, and regional influence have led it to pursue capabilities to meet its civilian goals and give it the ability to build missile-deliverable nuclear weapons, if it chooses to do so. We do not know whether Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons, but it’s highly likely. If they do, their history says they’ll use them. Read More...

Surveillance - an art.

The art of surveillance is a sophisticated one that breaks into three major pieces. The offensive portion is actually called surveillance. Let’s examine . . . Read More...

LandNav - Using a map

Most folks think they know how to use a map, but the actual employment is quite different than simply watching your car’s satnav and moving to another location. Check it out. Read More...

Plan like a commando

Selection at one the premier special operations units is a nothing but awful all the time, on purpose. That’s when you realize that when it’s awful, the situation can only improve and that’s when you go to PACE.