carshootCourse: Tactical Handgun (TH-3)
Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $300 p/person
Description: This course focuses on weapons manipulation, cognitive processing, efficient body mechanics and ergonomics in order to allow the shooter to exploit the fullest capabilities of the weapon. This class is for shooters who have had at least a basic pistol class either from AMERICAN | kinetix or any other accredited instructor. Topics covered include fundamental pistol topics and the following: carrying concealed and open, malfunction drills, shooting on the move, injury drills, use of cover, firing from unconventional positions, as well as strong hand and weak hand shooting, timed-fire drills, internal and external ballistics, and evaluations based on class skill level. Upon completion of this course you can qualify to apply for your concealed carry permit, if you do not have one already. Concealed carry methods are also covered. Night-fire will depend on time of year and range restrictions.

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